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Crowd funding with PROJECT HER!


The journey continues! Raising funds to grow the biz through a perk based crowd funding platform that focuses on helping connect, promote and expand predominantly female owned startups and companies. Yes...perk based! This means you actually get some amazing, unique product options and "one of a kind events" for your contribution. We have teamed up with some pretty awesome people to make our Crowd funding campaign fun and unique! Check it out...you might find something for a wedding gift, a birthday or just something fun for yourself:)

At Route 18...our focus is to grow our business in a mindful way. We value the fact that we are steadfast in regards to the quality and healthfulness of the products we produce. We know that the journey to a healthier lifestyle can be achieved by taking small steps. We produce products that are healthy, unique and exciting...because we know that healthy food does not have to be boring and sophisticated.

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