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A desire to nourish

It all starts with an idea and the desire to bring that idea to fruition. A dream which unfolds into reality. An obsession which is fuelled by pure desire to get the job done.

My personal Route 18 journey began with a desire to bring healthier and simpler options in the form of delicious, understandable products and food. Having experienced the benefits of choosing a healthier lifestyle which included a new and improved look at what I was eating AND serving my family on a day to day basis-fuelled my desire to share this new found energy and vibrancy that was appearing in my life. Improved food options and mindfulness combined was a powerful remedy to all of MANY personal challenges I was faced with a few years back. My new found focus on happiness in the form of self love moved me in a direction that I can only describe as life altering.

Combining efforts with my best buddy and biz partner, April Angelini was one of life's gifts. We have big plans for our little Shrub Co! In building our company we have been so fortunate to have met some incredibly successful business people whom have offered advice, help, connections and mentorship. One of the amazing lessons that April and I have learned on this journey is that...people care. When you put yourself "out there" people listen. Amazing.

Route 18 Co. is moving forward with a focus on offering nourishing products. Combining and collaborating with likeminded business's to create and produce exciting, delicious and healthy products. From functional beverages (don't you love that term?) to fun unpasteurized apple cider vinegar products (TBA) we promise to offer our clients mindful healthy alternatives to everyday food and beverage options!

Icing on the cake...we have just had the honour of being featured in the January/February issue of Fresh Magazine. Even better...Arlene Dickinson graces the cover. Both April and I have SO much respect for Arlene's story and her down to earth personality. She is a gracious, mindful and successful female entrepreneur who built her business from the ground up (and out of hard circumstances).

So...the journey continues and our words of wisdom are simply...."Go for it!"

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