Amazing Aromatics

January 4, 2017

As we move through this Shrub adventure, one of our most rewarding experiences is creating new flavours.  


Adding spices & aromatics have taken our shrubs to the next level. The endless benefits that these ancient spices provide go far beyond providing a delicious kick of awesomeness!  Many cultures have used these spices for centuries as a natural way to improve health.  You can find them in several of our Route 18 Shrubs .

Turmeric : We love this spice ! A member of the ginger family, this spice has received glowing reports for its a anti- inflammatory properties. It lowers the level of messaging molecules that trigger inflammation. As an added bonus, it's gorgeous sunny color just makes us flat-out happy!

Ginger:Deliciously amazing! This root has been shown to decrease the risk of inflammation in the digestive tract , along with boosting energy & stimulating circulation.
Also helps with nausea .

Cinnamon & Cayenne : These delicious fiery spices both aid in digestion & boost the metabolism.

Star Anise: This sweet aromatic spice, reminiscent of licorice in flavor, is a great anti - oxidant.

Fennel : similar flavor profile to star anise, fennel is full of digestive properties

Cardamom: Related to the ginger family, this earthy, citrusy spice also aids digestion.

So, there you have it.  We hope you find this all as interesting as we do !

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