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Fresh Beginnings...

A note from April & Rhoda

Route, meaning a path. Where you start your journey. In many cultures 18 signifies life, prosperity and family. At Route 18 you start your journey to a healthier, delicious life!

Food has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up in a family that loved to cook was a fabulous start . It made me realize how food brought people together. Real, honest food, prepared with love :). Years later, when I had my own family, things were a bit different. Being a mom, business owner & having a spouse who travelled, meant way more take-out/drive thru/processed food than I ever thought . And this was from a mom who loved to cook! I had always had a deep interest in how food makes our bodies feel...loved to read & research the topic. So, falling onto this cycle of unhealthy take-out was not something I wanted to continue.

When my son was diagnosed with autism, that really made me regain my focus on how food can heal...real, awesome, unprocessed food. Food can nourish, calm. It can change behavior. And it instills such a sense of pride, when you feed yourself and the ones you love, healthfully. But...no one was offering this in a quick, healthful, delicious way, in take away . Time for a change, people ...we deserve this! We need this. My life long friend, Rhoda, alway listened to what I had to say regarding my thoughts on food. As I was always reading something food/ nutrition related, our talks always revolved around that. Thankful she was listening! We decided that to partner up and start feeding people food that we all deserve! Now, I am studying to obtain my RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist) designation. So, the journey continues, & Route 18 Healthy Takeaway is exactly what I have been preparing for my whole life . So proud to be a part of this.


Being busy has led me to many truths in my life! One of these "truths" is that the most important things in my life...aren't things at all!! Being a full time Realtor means that I am on the go most of the day! Some days it feels like a 24/7 job! My journey with food and eating began a few years back whenI had reached my limit in regards to my personal health and wellness. I was feeling stressed, tired by noon, my body was feeling its full 45 plus years! Like many women my age...I was in the habit of focusing mainly on low fat/ minimal nutritious foods due to the fact that my focus was on my weight--not my diet. And certainly not nutrition.

My good pal April Angelini whom, in the last 10 years has been so incredibly focused on educating me in regards to what I WAS eating and what I should be eating (mostly due to the fact that I would incessantly complain about low energy). Each time April and I would get together she would lovingly supply me with books, web links, emails etc... One day, when I was feeling paticularily crappy-- I decided to take her advice! I started to write down every piece of food I put in my mouth--and then I would evaluate it at the end of the day. A big eye opener for me. The first thing I noticed was how many times I hit a fast food joint for a bite! Two times through Tim Hortons, once to Starbucks...then to Subway--even sneaking in a burger from Micky D's. Yikes! Processed food was all over my diet! It began to become completely obvious why I did not have the energy I needed to keep up with my crazy, busy life!

So, the creation of Route 18 fell into place based upon the observation that there is a NEED for unprocessed, quick service--DELICIOUS FOOD! April and I have combined our knowledge and backgrounds- and additionally we have been blessed with the assistance of some incredible people in the field of health.

The rest of the story kind of goes like this. In searching for a chef, both April and I wanted to work with a professional whom was focused on real food. From scratch, organic, sustainable and community minded. And, of course, we wanted a chef whom could create amazing big flavours! Having been a huge fan of the Big Feast in Maple Ridge-it only seemed natural to discuss our vision with Red Seal Chef Mike Mulcahey! Mike understood our concept right away and fortunatley had time to work with us!

Fresh and nutritionally packed take away! Full of big flavours and good for the body. Packaged in biodegradable, compostable packaging.

The rest is now recent history to be unfolded into a new story called...ROUTE 18 FRESH TAKEAWAY!


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