1.  How much apple cider vinegar is in one 355ml can of TribeACV?

There is 15ml or one tablespoon per can/serving. 

2.  What are the health benefits of Route 18 Drinking Vinegar?

Our drinking vinegar concentrates are full off naturally occurring ENZYMES which aid in digestion and boost the immune system.  They contain AMINO ACIDS & ANTIOXIDANTS to naturally help combat fatigue and fight off illness.  PLUS...they contain MAGNESIUM & POTASSIUM for overall health and wellness.

3. Are Route 18 Drinking Vinegars similar to Kombucha ?
No. Unpasteurized ACV, our main ingredient, is what's known as a PREBIOTIC. Kombucha is created by using a live culture (scoby) which is classified as a PROBIOTIC.  
When ACV is left in its raw, unpasteurized state, it gets into your tummy, clears out the bad stuff, & lays the foundation for probiotics to come in & do their work to heal the gut.
Our Drinking Vinegars are full of PREBIOTIC enzymes, which is your first step towards a healthier gut .

3. Can kids & seniors drink Route 18 Drinking Vinegars ?
YES !!!!!  Kids love the taste, & seniors appreciate the health benefits & unique taste also!

4. Besides drinks, what else can I make with your Drinking Vinegars?
Check out our Recipes section  for some great recipes that include dressings, marinades, and reductions.  

5. Where can I buy Route 18 Drinking Vinegars ?
Please check out our Where to find us page.
Disclaimer: The content on this website should not replace / impede your regimen of medical care, nor is it meant to diagnose or treat conditions.The information provided should assist in better food choices & should be verified by your own investigation.

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